Question 5: What are Mosaic’s sustainability challenges?

The concept of sustainability has evolved tremendously through the years, and we must continue to learn so that we can keep pace with change. We are evolving in our approach to sustainability. Part of that process is assessing the myriad challenges, and determining where we can make the greatest impact for our stakeholders.

Some of our biggest challenges belong to the crop nutrition industry as a whole, and require consensus and collaboration. One of those issues is nutrient stewardship. We make products that are essential to humankind, and, like many other products, responsible use is critical. As an industry, we need to do more to ensure that our retail and distribution partners, as well as farmers, have the tools they need to grow crop yields sustainably.

Another issue of critical importance in our industry is product safety and security. We have joined with The Fertilizer Institute and the Agricultural Retailers Association in support of the new ResponsibleAg initiative, which will facilitate fertilizer retailers’ compliance with federal safety and security regulations and provide access to comprehensive inspections. The safety and wellbeing of our people and our communities is paramount for us at Mosaic, and we are pleased that this program will help our customers more easily understand and conform to a common standard.

In the end, sustainable intensification remains our most compelling challenge—and it gives our business purpose. Every day, our people are driving new innovations, finding ways to work safer and smarter, and developing better, more efficient processes that move the company forward. We believe that our sustainability efforts lead to greater shareholder value—and help us achieve our mission of helping the world grow the food it needs.